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Nuovo Design was founded in 1997 in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, with the purpose to translate concepts and ideas into innovative and creative results.

The team, consisted by experienced and talented professionals offers quality, dedication and commitment in all phases of the project.

The company has 3 specialized centers: Brand DNA and Graphic Design, Digital Design and Product Design, which allows the company to create customized and complete projects.

Rodrigo Mendonça

Design Management and Relations

Daniela Cantarelli

Project Management

Adriano Santos

Product Design Specialist

Marcos Bernardes

Graphic Design Specialist

Tiago Valente

Signage Specialist

Michiel Huiskens Nogueira

Digital Design Specialist

Pedro Mendonça

Data Programming Specialist

Felipe Ourives


Keyla Silva Nogueira

Communication and Strategic Planning

Willian Ribeiro


Corporate identity

Ally the company’s image with a strong label and an outstanding visual identity is the main objective of a corporate identity that Nuovo Design develops by brand creation, visual identities and ways of appliance and expansion.

Product design

When talking about design, a good product is the one that integrates aesthetics and functionality. Nuovo Design goes beyond and explores innovative visual possibilities, with a different project for each production.

Digital design

Corporate websites are an indispensable communication tool for anyone who wants to settle in the market. Nuovo Design develops digital presentations of products or institutions with exclusive and personalized projects.


A package does not store products only, but also ideas, concepts, images . It is much more than informing its content; it might establish values ​​and attract customers. Therefore, this type of work includes the creation and development of packaging, taking into account its shape, material specifications and type of product.

Promotional material

For propagation and release of products, services and brand promotion for our clients, Nuovo Design develops innovative projects for packaging, leaflets, kits for point of sales, displays, gifts, calendars and many others.

Editorial design

The editorial market is increasingly competitive as well as readers, that are more and more critical. A well-done graphic design has a great influence on the success of books, magazines, newspapers and leaflets. Nuovo Design develops projects which values the content, aesthetics and the pleasure of reading.

Institucional publications

The quality of the institutional publications must be aligned to the quality of the institution. Nuovo highlights in every editorial material, such as management report, institutional brochures or social balance, the translation of credibility and reliability of the institutions.

Signage design

Nuovo Design has another differential: projects related to architecture are linked to the functionality of internal and external edifications as well as the designing of personalized areas.


Many ideas come out of the paper in specialized projects and involves the creation of illustrations in several languages ​​and techniques. Illustration with creativity is a key feature of our studio.

Text production

Content writing is an important component to ensure successful results of a graphic or a digital design project. Focused on delivering quality projects in its entirety, Nuovo Design proposes convey ideas through creative, relevant and appropriate written content for each project.


The technique of generating image by light exposure is much more than a simple photograph. it is the essence of products, objects, ambiences and people, exposed in the most assorted languages ​​and illumination. The direction and the process of creating an institutional photograph database are part of Nuovo Design’s method of working.

3D modeling

Realistic simulation of products and three-dimensional scenarios, a perfect copy of the reality in all details: colors, textures, shades, drawings and lighting. That is a powerful tool that generates images that can be used as if they were photographs.


Understanding the customer’s purpose, their plans and challenges, exchange experiences and reality, get information that guides the objective and focus of the project


Investigate references, concepts, market, materials and practices that are associated with the theme and purpose


Experience, engage and understand the practical and imaginary reality


Connect all elements and create practical solutions that must compose the essence of the purpose of the project


Apply planning information in a practical achievement

Production and Expansion

Manage production to maintain quality in the final product

Conclusion Analysis

Evaluate results and set up new challenges